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Refinance  Cashback

Refinance your home loan and you could be eligible for up to $6,000 cashback depending on the lender^.

What is a Cashback Offer?

Home loan cashback offers are a marketing offer by banks or lenders offering you an incentive to switch your home loan to their product. You can receive this in cash after the loan settles and different lenders offer different amounts.  We have a number of lenders offering cashback offers as high as $6,000 in order to switch. Conditions do apply and vary from lender to lender based on LVR, loan amount and other factors.


Talk to us to find out how much you could qualify for.

Is refinancing worth the time?

It is important to review your home loans on a regular basis. It helps to make sure your not paying mortgage loyatly tax to your existing lenders.

Even if you decide not to switch, it's important to know what the market has to offer for you and how much you could be overpaying. It is no secret lenders offer lower rates to new customers over their existing cutomers. It's a competitve enviroment with all the lenders wanting your business, so it may be worth while to review your loan and let us help you. 

Review your home loan to make sure you're getting the best deal today!

Find out how much you qualify for