A mortgage health check is recommended once every 2 years... Are you up to date?

An annual home loan health check is recommended to ensure you have the most suitable loan arrangements in place. We’ll provide you with up-to-date mortgage advice to help ensure your home loan is still structured to meet your current and future requirements. It costs you nothing and could save you time and money. You may need to ask yourself some important questions that may be a clear indicator as to if you are due for a check:

  • Is your interest rate higher then advertised rates? or are you paying unreasonably high interest?

  • Are you ongoing fees outrageous?

  • Is your support top quality?

  • Does your loan give you the features you need?

  • Or are you paying for features you don't use?

  • Have your financial circumstances changed

To make this process easier Financial Solutions offers a complimentary home loan health check, so you can feel confident your home loan is appropriate for your current set of financial circumstances. We can help get a better overall picture of your financial position and assist if you need to unlock equity in your home, obtain a cost-effective product or even consolidate debts.

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